2021 Snow Club - UPDATE on 11/24/20 - Snow Club is on hold for this season BUT we will be selling the Night Club Cards for independent use. Please keep checking back here and our Facebook page.  (The info below is last year's info because we don't have the details finalized yet.)


Program Overview

Hereford Snow Club is a Baltimore County Recreation and Parks program run through the Hereford Zone Parks & Rec Council (HZRPC).  Therefore, if activities are closed for Baltimore County then Snow Club MUST be cancelled.  The Hereford Snow Club is for middle school and high school aged students.  This program typically runs January – February taking weekly trips from HHS to Ski Liberty and Ski Roundtop.  The club is normally scheduled to run on Wednesdays or Fridays with about 3 trips to each resort.  We also go to Whitetail one time each season typically on a Friday night.

Night Tracker Cards

Night Tracker Cards can be purchased by ANYONE in the community.  They are not limited to Snow Club Participants.  These cards are valid from January 2nd, 2020 until the end of the skiing season.   They can be used at Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail.   They are valid Monday - Saturday for Lift Tickets starting at 4:00pm and on Sunday for Lift Tickets starting at 3:00pm.  You can use these cards as many times as  you wish whether or not you are going with Snow Club.  You can also add rentals and lessons options onto the card for additional fees.  In order to just get a night club card, you will log into Liberty's website using our Snow Club password. The info is below. Buying a Night Tracker Card does not guarantee a spot in Snow Club.

Night Tracker Card Sales: https://www.libertymountainresort.com/ntlogin

Club Name: LM HZRPC

Password: member

(These are case sensitive and space sensitive.)

Equipment Rentals from World Cup


The Hereford Snow Club is partnering with World Cup Ski and Cycle again this year for some great equipment rentals and services for our Members! They will be at both the November meeting (for fittings and tuning pickup) and the December meeting (for gear delivery) too!  They will also schedule a pick-up time at the end of the season to get the equipment back! It's a super convenient option for our Members.

This will be paid for at the November meeting. DO NOT add this to your registration on Stone Alley.  It is paid directly to World Cup.

This is a GREAT way for the kids to skip the rental lines at the resort and enjoy more time on the slopes!  Plus, they have the equipment all season long and can use it anytime they want at any mountain!


New Trip Cancellation Policy

Hereford Rec Council has a policy that if after school activities are cancelled due to bad weather, Snow Club must not take our trip.  Because of this, we will be making the decision to cancel the night before Snow Club days.  If there is any bad weather in the forecast, we will have to cancel this year.  Unfortunately, because it costs money to cancel the buses on the day of the trip, we have to be cautious and cancel even if weather may not end up being an issue.  We have scheduled in 2 make up dates for Snow Club.  Hopefully, this will ensure that we get our 6 or 7 trips in this year but there is no guarantee.



Registration Dates

Please Note:  Registration is on a first come first serve basis and there are limited spaces!  Typically, Snow Club registration is filled before lunch on the first day of registration.  Please log on early if you want to guarantee your child a spot.

Registration on Stone Alley Opens November 15, 2019 & Closes November 18, 2019 (NEW DATES as of 11/8/19). The meeting dates are below.

ALL NEW MEMBERS that registered on Stone Alley MUST attend the MANDATORY in person New Member Meeting:  Wednesday, November 20th from 6:30 - 7:30pm in the Hereford Middle School cafeteria.  This is the time that you will get all the info about how the club works, required equipment, timing, etc. Because it is important for new members to be there (even if siblings have been in Snow Club before), attendance will be checked.  Any new member not represented at this meeting will be allowed on the first trip.  This is also the night that World Cup will size anyone who wants to rent equipment form them.

ALL MEMBERS:  Night Tracker Card pick up will be December 11th  from 6:30 - 7:30pm in the Hereford Middle School Cafeteria. This is also the night that World Cup will deliver the rented equipment for anyone that rented through them.


Registration Process

Registration and payment for new and returning Snow Club Members will be on a first come first serve basis through the Stone Alley website.  REGISTRATION WILL BE DIFFERENT THIS YEAR AND WILL REQUIRE 2 SEPARATE REGISTRATIONS - Stone Alley and Liberty.

1. Registration through Stone Alley - this guarantees your spot in Snow Club and the fees paid are paid to Hereford Rec.

2. Night Tracker Card Registration through Liberty - this is the cost of buying your pass to ski/snowboard and the fees are paid directly to Liberty.

BOTH ARE REQUIRED! Every student registering for Snow Club through Stone Alley will have 24 hours to buy their Night Tracker Card. Anyone not buying their Night Tracker Card in that time period will forfeit their spot in Snow Club with no refund.

Any student that chooses to buy a full Season Pass may do so and still join Snow Club but must email Lia Arnold upon registration in Stone Alley. 

After the registration is full, each person that registers will be put on a waiting list through Stone Alley in order of registration date and time.  People on the waiting list will not be asked to pay until they are moved off the waiting list.  If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified before the in person registration date whether your child has gotten a spot on the bus.  At that point you would go onto Stone Alley and submit payment.


New Notification Policy

This season Snow Club is being required to submit a student count to each resort the morning of each trip. In order to comply with this, Snow Club members will be required to notify Lia Arnold by text or email no later than 7:30am if they are unable to attend that day's trip. Any lack of timely notification will result in no less than missing another trip up to removal from Snow Club.



Lia Arnold



Trip dates for 2019 (locations subject to change) UPDATED 1/8/20

     Wednesday, January 8, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Liberty)  CANCELLED - HZ Schools Closed

     Wednesday, January 15, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Roundtop)

     Wednesday, January 22, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Liberty)

     Friday, January 24, 2020 leaving after 1/2 day of school and returning to the high school by 10:00 (WHITETAIL)

     Wednesday, January 29, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Roundtop)

     Wednesday, February 5, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Liberty)

     Wednesday, February 12, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Roundtop)

     Wednesday, February 19, 2020 leaving after school and returning at 9:00 (Liberty)  MAKE UP DATE FOR 1/8/20

          ** Our make up dates are:  February 19th (using for 1/8/20 cancelled trip) and February 26th**

Equipment drop off is at HHS turf lot the morning of each Snow Club trip from 7-8am only. (If there are school delays, equipment drop off is delayed for the same amount of time as the school delay.)

Please note....if we take all of our scheduled trips, we will not be taking trips on the make up dates.  We only budget $$ for 7 trips in our pricing.

Pricing for 2020:

     Lift and Transportation: $380.00 ($190 to Snow Club and $190 to Liberty)

     Lift and Lessons and Transportation: $425.00 ($190 to Snow Club and $235 to Liberty)

     Lift, Equipment Rental (through Liberty) and Lessons and Transportation: $470.00  ($190 to Snow Club and $280 to Liberty)


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