Hereford Snow Club will be selling Night Club Cards to the community for the 2021 winter season. Anyone age 7 and above is welcome to buy them. Please see below for all of the information.

2021 Night Club Card Sales Info - PLEASE READ ENTIRELY

Info about Night Club Cards (NCC):

1. Hereford Rec is ONLY providing access to purchase the NCC and is NOT providing transportation, chaperones, or any services.

2. Hereford Rec is also not responsible for change to circumstances relating to the NCC’s.  These include (but are not limited to) changes to usage dates/times, COVID restrictions at the resorts or in Pennsylvania or resort closings, lodge access, reservation availability, etc..


  • Lift Only Youth (age 7-18) $215
  • Lift Only Adult (age 19+) $265
  • Lift/Lesson/Rental Youth (age 7-18) $295
  • Lift/Lesson/Rental Adult (age 19+) $345



Valid starting January 2, 2021 at 4pm all days.

Blackout dates are 1/6/21, 1/17/21, 2/13/21 and 2/14/21.


Resort Hours:


Sunday - Wednesday

9am - 6pm

Thursday - Saturday

9am - 9pm






Monday - Wednesday

10am to 6pm

Thursday - Friday

10am to 10pm


8am to 10pm


8am to 8pm


Sunday - Wednesday


Thursday - Saturday



Activation, Reservations and Lodge:

  • The first evening that you use it, you will need to go to a ticket window to have your card registered and activate your card to ski that evening. No reservation is needed that first night.
  • For any subsequent individual visit you will need to make a reservation online by going to your resort homepage.
  • After the first visit, the Night Club Card will be a Direct to Lift ticket.
  • Reservations can only be made one night at a time and no further in advance than 10 days.
  • Lodges may have limited access to people.


How to Buy a Night Club Card (NCC):

1.  Go to this Vail website: and register in Vail’s system.


  • Youth Lift Only: 1Heref20701-041
  • Youth Lift/Lesson/Rental: 2Heref20701-041
  • Adult Lift Only: 3Heref20701-041
  • Adult Lift/Lesson/Rental: 4Heref20701-041

(YOUTH = Age 7-18 and  ADULT = Age 19+)

2. Please select the Ski Club Code for the product you wish to register for (see #1 above) and paste it into the Online Ski Club Code box on the Ski Club Sign-Up Form. (see picture below)

3.  Once you put the code in the Ski Club Code box, YOU MUST HIT TAB! Enter will not work.

4. The top portion will be filled out for you with your Club/Advisor information. Some of those fields have incorrect information that may not pertain to our particular club so please ignore those auto prefilled fields.

5. Please fill out all of the blank information boxes.

a)    If you are getting rentals you must fill out the Height, Weight, & Boot Size accurately so that our rental shop sets the equipment correctly. If you are getting a Lift Only product you do not need to fill in those boxes.

b)    If you are going to take lessons, please make sure you fill out your Ability Level. We are unable to reserve a group lesson for you without this information. If you are getting a Lift Only product, you do not need to fill in this box.

c)    Where it asks, “Does the Registrant have a Season Pass?” please select NO. This field does not apply to the Group Night Club Program at Liberty, Roundtop, & Whitetail.

*Please note, you will NOT get a confirmation email of your registration.*

6. Print out the TWO waivers (Vail waiver and Hereford Rec COVID Waiver), fill out completely and sign. Each waiver must be stapled if it is printed as 2 pages (vs, as a 2-sided paper).  Email for waivers.

7.  Write a check to HZRPC for the amount equal to what you ordered (we cannot take cash or credit cards).

8. Place all 3 items in an envelope and deliver the check, Vail Waiver and Hereford Rec COVID Waiver to Lia Arnold no later than 7pm on 12/17/20.

Card Pick Up:

Cards must be picked up from your Advisor (Lia). We will give you more information about this process once we receive the cards.


Night Club Cards will be on sale starting 12/8/20 and will cease to be available at 11:59pm on 12/16/20.

Vail has said they will not extend this for any reason.

If any checks and waivers are not received, incorrect or missing info, they will not be able to be processed. PLEASE be sure to get them to Lia on time because Vail will not give us any extensions.

Lia’s address: 

Please email for the address:

There will be a drop box on the front porch (it’s a repurposed Amazon box actually). Please have all 3 items in an envelope and place it in the drop box. You may mail them via the USPS, but if they aren’t delivered by 12/17/20, you will not receive your passes.

I cannot take emailed waivers - sorry!

Equipment Rentals from World Cup:

They will offer us the same prices as last season but since we aren’t having our Snow Club meetings, you will have to go to them for equipment. If you decide to rent through them, do not include that in your registration with Vail. You will pay World Cup directly.

Feel free to email Lee at with what you’d like to rent and include: gender, age, height, weight, shoe size and ability (beginner, intermediate or advanced). He’ll get the equipment ready and tuned so you can walk in and grab it without the wait. Be sure to tell him you’re with Hereford Snow club!


THANKS for reading this and we hope to see everyone on the slopes this winter!

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