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Welcome to the Badminton Program. Badminton is the second most widely played sport world-wide. It is enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages in a social atmosphere. This program is designed to invite people of all ages and families to share in a non-competitive, non-contact, family friendly sport. No skills require to come and play, just have fun!

Sundays, from 1:00-4:00 pm at Hereford High School Gym

All ages and all skill levels

Please bring your own racquet. Plastic birdies will be provided. 

Cost is $36/member and/or $72/family for the year, and is ongoing with prices reduced by $3 each month pass June (i.e. July $33, Aug $30, Sep 27 etc.)

If the whole family wants to come play, please register all members and at checkout the total will be $72.

First two times are free if you want to just try out before registering for the yearly membership (June 2022 – May 2023). 

Click on the link below to register through Stone Alley:


This program is offered through the Hereford Recreation Council which is a non-profit. Fees are collected to pay for administrative costs and equipment.


Chairperson: Akhilesh Tripathi

Telephone: 540-454-2645

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