Registration will open in early August.  
Returning players look for your registration team confirmation email.  New players can register when site is open for new registrants beginning approximately August 15.  

Hereford Zone Ladies Tennis is doubles tennis play. Sign up as a single - you do not need to sign up with a partner.  All skill levels are available, from beginner to advanced.  Once assigned to a team (based on skill level and your schedule), you will play one day/night per week.  The program is for women, 18 and over (18 as of September 1, 2017)

The season begins on Tuesday, September 4 with 7 weeks of play (plus allow 2 extra weeks for rain/cancellations).  League play will end early November.

Morning teams begin play at 9:30 AM.  Evening teams begin play at 7:00 pm.

Registration Cost:

$25.00 per player (returning and new)   $5.00 per substitute


Click on the Stone Alley link below for more information and to register,  OR go to HZRPC home page (www.herefordrec.org) and download a registration form. Mail the form and check in to

Ellen DiMayo,

PO Box 409, Monkton MD  21111.   Thank you.  

Spring 2018 Winners CONGRATULATIONS!!!

AM TEAM #1: Kara Hammann

AM TEAM #2: Ann Rudy

AM TEAM #3: Randi Cohen

AM TEAM #4: Mary Jo Vogt

AM TEAM #5: Mary Shaffer

PM TEAM #1: Ethel Rasmussen

PM TEAM #2: Krista Robertson

PM TEAM #3: Ann Rudy

PM TEAM #4: Beth Van Derslice

PM TEAM #5: Lisa Senica

PM TEAM #6: Margie Parker

PM TEAM #7: LuAnn Piccione

PM TEAM #8: Katie Schmidt



Thanks to Josh Eventoff, Anna Kable, and the Hunt Valley Country Club team for a great tennis round robin event. Thanks to Kellie Huffman for organizing another wonderful dinner!!!

Round Robin Winners:

 "A" Flight - 1st Place:   Sue Nettleton

                  - 2nd Place:  Bernadette Chase

 "B" Flight - 1st Place:   Margie Parker

                  - 2nd Place:  Cathy Layne


CHECK OUT OUR NEW INDOOR TENNIS PAGE AT STONE ALLEY FOR INFO ON COURT TIMES AT NERRC (North East Regional Recreation Center, the old Perring Racquet Club).

for any other questions, contact Ellen DiMayo, 443-277-0401, or at ecdimayo@aol.com


Chair person: Ellen DiMayo
Email the chair person
Telephone: 443-277-0401

League Committee - SPRING 2018

AM Score Coordinator - Jennifer Downs
PM Score Coordinator - Helen Rowe
Lights Supervisor - Christine Matthews           
Treasurer - Carole Ann Hilberg
Dinner Chairperson - Kellie Huffman

Teams/Location/CAPTAINS - SPRING 2018

AM 1: Wed, Prettyboy Elem; Kara Hammann
AM 2: Tue, Prettyboy Elem; Christy Dull
AM 3: Thurs, Prettyboy Elem; Stacy Kessler
AM 4: Wed, 7th District Elem; Mary Jo Vogt
AM 5: Fri, 7th District Elem; Sally Warrenfeltz

PM 1: Thurs, HHS; Susan Grill
PM 2: Tue, HHS; Cynthia Mann
PM 3: Mon, HHS; Diane O'Marrah
PM 4: Tue, HHS; Amy Pearson
PM 5: Mon, HHS; Arlene Ceribelli
PM 6: Wed, HHS; Shirley Hammett
PM 7: Thurs, HHS; Michelle Middleton
PM 8: Wed, HHS; Jen Hilberg

Important Dates

REGISTRATION FALL 2018: August 10 through August 27, 2018

START OF DOUBLES SEASON: Tuesday, September 4, 2018

END OF SEASON:  November 5, 2018



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