Little did we know that our awards dinner in Fall 2019 would be the last time we were all together as a group, or even in our smaller team groups.  Thanks again to Kellie Huffman for getting us all together pre-Covid pandemic. We can now appreciate even more how nice it is to visit and catch up with old friends and make new ones along the way.  We were all so blessed then to enjoy our time together on the tennis court, and off the courts as well.  

I am hoping that the tennis courts at HHS have been resurfaced as were promised last fall, or that they will be addressed prior to this fall season, but with the current climate this may have been pushed back.  

Look for registration info (continued from spring) for the upcoming fall season in early August.  We hope to begin the season on the Tuesday, after Labor Day, Sept 8.  We will finish November 9. 

Below are still posted the winners for our last season, Fall 2019!   Congratultions to all!

Fall 2019 Winners CONGRATULATIONS!!!

AM TEAM #1: Susan Chalker 

AM TEAM #2: Carey Fanzone

AM TEAM #3: Stephanie Ross 

AM TEAM #4: Lisa Walz 

AM TEAM #5: Christine Matthews 

AM TEAM #6: N/A  

PM TEAM #1: Ethel Rasmussen 

PM TEAM #2: Kim Kozak / Krista Robertson 

PM TEAM #3: Eliza Gould 

PM TEAM #4: Madeline Clemens 

PM TEAM #5: Leslie Green 

PM TEAM #6: Ashby Heath 

PM TEAM #7: Michelle Middleton 

PM TEAM #8: Rachel Hamrock 


CHECK OUT OUR NEW INDOOR TENNIS PAGE AT STONE ALLEY FOR INFO ON COURT TIMES AT NERRC (North East Regional Recreation Center, the old Perring Racquet Club).

for any other questions, contact Ellen DiMayo, 443-277-0401, or at


Chair person: Ellen DiMayo

Telephone: 443-277-0401

League Committee - FALL 2020

AM Score Coordinator -
PM Score Coordinator - 
Lights Supervisor - 
Treasurer - 
Dinner Chairperson - 

Teams/Location/CAPTAINS - FALL 2020

AM 1: Wed, 7th District; 
AM 2: Tue, 7th District; 
AM 3: Thurs, 7th District; 
AM 4: Wed, Prettyboy Elem; 
AM 5: Fri, Prettyboy Elem; 

PM 1: Thurs, HHS; 
PM 2: Tue, HHS; 
PM 3: Mon, HHS; 
PM 4: Tue, HHS;
PM 5: Mon, HHS; 
PM 6: Wed, HHS; 
PM 7: Thurs, HHS; 
PM 8: Wed, HHS; 

Important Dates

REGISTRATION FALL 2020:  begins early August

START OF DOUBLES SEASON: Tuesday, September 8

END OF SEASON:  November 9

AWARDS Dinner -  TBD

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