Fall Tennis registration will begin soon!  Season Start date will be after Labor Day, tuesday, September 6, 2022. 

Look for Spring Winners posting this week!   Congratulations to all!

Spring 2022 Winners CONGRATULATIONS!!!

AM TEAM #1:  Susan Chalker 

AM TEAM #2:  Stephanie Ross   

AM TEAM #3:  Heather Schafer

AM TEAM #4:  Ashby Heath

AM TEAM #5:  Sharon Harnett


PM TEAM #1:  Elmarie Odendaal  

PM TEAM #2:  Pam Cochran

PM TEAM #3:  Jennifer Rauhofer

PM TEAM #4:  Terry Martin

PM TEAM #5:  Jen Hilberg

PM TEAM #6:  Lauren Andrews

PM TEAM #7:  Sarah Tracey

PM TEAM #8:  Kate Gingue


CHECK OUT OUR NEW INDOOR TENNIS PAGE AT STONE ALLEY FOR INFO ON COURT TIMES AT NERRC (North East Regional Recreation Center, the old Perring Racquet Club).

for any other questions, contact Ellen DiMayo, 443-277-0401, or at ellendimayo@gmail.com


Chair person: Ellen DiMayo


Telephone: 443-277-0401

League Committee - FALL 2022

AM Score Coordinator - 
PM Score Coordinator -  
Lights Supervisor -  
Treasurer - 
Dinner Chairperson - 

Teams/Location/CAPTAINS -

AM 1: Wed, Oldfields School; 
AM 2: Tue, Prettyboy Elem; 
AM 3: Thurs, Prettyboy Elem; 
AM 4: Wed, Prettyboy Elem;
AM 5: Fri, Prettyboy Elem;

PM 1: Thurs, HHS; 
PM 2: Tue, HHS; 
PM 3: Mon, HHS; 
PM 4: Tue, HHS; 
PM 5: Mon, HHS; 
PM 6: Wed, HHS; 
PM 7: Thurs, HHS;  
PM 8: Wed, HHS;  

Important Dates

REGISTRATION FALL 2022:  JULY 25 - AUG 25, 2022



AWARDS Dinner -  

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